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The Check Engine Light Came On, What Now?

Over the span of our vehicle’s lives, we will inevitably encounter the check engine light (and if you don’t, you didn’t have your car long enough). This little light causes stress for many of our customers and their minds are flooded with “worst case scenarios.” Thoughts such as “my engine will blow up” or “my engine will fall out of my car” are, surprisingly, typical things we’ve heard since opening our doors in 1994.

When your check engine light comes on, do yourself a service and visit the team at Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics. Our ASE Certified technicians are trained with the latest tools and technologies to quickly identify the problem, explain the situation, and repair the damage. Along with that, we have advanced diagnostics tools to pinpoint additional issues so you know your vehicle is fully inspected. From loose gas caps and bad sparks plugs, to vacuum leaks and dead batteries, our team is prepared to handle every situation with precision and care.

Causes For A Check Engine Light

With so many causes for the check engine light, it’s hard to determine what exactly is wrong with your vehicle. Here are a few simple things to inspect when you see your automation system go off:

  • Loose Gas Cap

  • This will be the ideal scenario as this is the most common reason for the light to go off, is an easy fix, and can be completed in a few minutes. Just simply tighten the gas cap and be on your way! If you need to replace it, we can take care of that! Your gas cap is responsible for preventing gas fumes from leaving the vehicle and entering the atmosphere. If left unchecked, you’ll lose fuel to evaporation and find yourself visiting the gas pump more often.

  • Dead Battery

  • The battery is responsible for many things we take for granted: starting our car, lighting the roads, powering our stereo, and charging our smartphones are just a few things that our battery does. This is another easy fix, as you just need another vehicle and some jumper cables. Keep in mind that with older vehicles, you may have to navigate a handful of plastic covers. If you find yourself needing a new battery, we can take care of that!

  • Bad Spark Plugs

  • Your spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel and air mixture that starts your car. Without it, you won’t be going anywhere. If you happen to need new spark plugs, we can take care of that! Though replacing spark plugs can be done yourself, it’s best to leave it to a Lawrence Automotive technician if you aren’t confident in what you’re doing.

These are just a few examples of what can cause a check engine light. The best way to avoid any serious problems is by following your car’s preventative maintenance schedule and staying aware of your personal driving habits!

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Unfortunately for most car owners, the check engine light is not a very helpful tool. Sure, it may tell you something’s wrong but it doesn’t inform you of what’s exactly wrong. That’s why it’s best to leave these inspections and repairs to the skilled technicians at Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics Inc. Our team has the advanced diagnostic equipment and technical know-how to assess the situation, determine the problem, and make the repair. If you’re ready for your check engine light to go away, give us a call at 785-842-8665 and schedule an appointment with us today. In an urgent situation and need immediate repairs? We’re here for you. Visit our shop at 2858 Four Wheel Drive.