Tire Repair

Signs You Need New Tires Your vehicle is probably feeling the same inactivity and sluggishness we all are. We have severely reduced how much we drive and how far we go. The plus side is that this is a great opportunity for owners to give a little attention to the vehicles that help literally navigate

How To Repair a Tire

Step-By-Step A blown tire can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you’re far from home. Here are a few tips for repairing your car tire and getting back on the road. Find out how to repair a tire and when you should stop by a qualified mechanic for a new tire. Inspect the Damage After

Do You Need Wheel Realignment?

How to Tell When Your Car Has Bad Alignment Your wheels go through a lot of wear and tear. Even normal driving conditions in Lawrence, Kansas, can affect your wheel alignment. But continuing to drive on misaligned wheels creates unusual wear patterns, which decrease the lifespan of your tires and can cause many additional problems.

How Check Engine Lights Are Fixed

What We Do Did you start your day with a visit from your vehicle’s check engine light? The light comes on, you take it to a shop for repairs, and then it’s gone. Have you ever thought about what happens in between? Here’s how Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics handles check engine lights in Lawrence, Kansas. Engine

Is Your Vehicle Misaligned?

Signs of Misalignment When you drive your vehicle, you expect it to be a smooth and pleasurable experience. At no point do you expect to experience rumbles, vibrations, and steering problems. Well, if your vehicle happens to fall out of alignment, your vehicle could potentially suffer from all of that and much more! Wheel misalignment