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Understanding Tire Repairs

The Lawrence Automotive team is one of the top tire repair experts in Lawrence, KS. When it comes to tire repair, you don’t want to trust anyone else. But with that said, there are times where even we find it’s best to replace a tire instead of repairing one. Driving with tires that aren’t qualified for repairs is extremely dangerous. In most situations, our team of technicians will recommend that you replace a tire. There are only a few instances where we can repair a tire.

Is My Tire Qualified For A Repair?

Making sure your tire is qualified for a repair is important. There are only a few instances where a tire qualifies, and if you try to repair a tire that isn’t qualified, you place yourself in more danger. If your tires fall within these checks, then your tire is qualified for a repair.

  • Punctures are within the tread area

  • Tire puncture is smaller than ¼ inches in diameter

  • Treads are greater than 1/16 inches

Along with that, here are a few things that disqualify your tires from being repaired.

  • Damage is beyond the tread of the tire

  • Tread is badly worn out (less than 1/16 inches left)

  • Repair overlaps with a previous repair

  • Puncture exceeds ¼ inches in diameter

How Is A Tire Repair Performed?

Prior to the actual repair, our technicians at Lawrence Automotive will remove the tire and inspect its insides and outsides. We’ll assess the damage and see if that tire is qualified for a repair. If the tire is qualified, we’ll start by removing some air from the tire, then clean and buff the damaged area. Afterward, we’ll use a patch or plug, pull it through the damaged area, and use a special sealing glue to close the puncture.

After the repair is done, we’ll inflate the tire to its proper PSI and check for any leaks. If no leaks are found we’ll realign your suspension, then you’re back on the road! This process usually takes around 60-90 minutes.

Schedule Your Tire Repair With Us!

Tire repair is a tricky process that demands precision. The last thing you need is a poorly repaired tire or a tire that shouldn’t have been repaired at all. That type of service can put you in harm’s way. Lawrence Automotive’s team of technicians are trained to tackle the intricacies of tire repair. We’ll be able to tell you if your tire is qualified for a repair, and we have the tools to make sure when you leave, you have a tire you can trust. Give us a call at 785-842-8665 and schedule your tire repair today! In a hurry and need immediate service? We have you covered. Visit our shop at 2858 Four Wheel Drive.