3 Ways To Know If Your Tires Need Replacing

Tire Repair

Signs You Need New Tires

Your vehicle is probably feeling the same inactivity and sluggishness we all are. We have severely reduced how much we drive and how far we go. The plus side is that this is a great opportunity for owners to give a little attention to the vehicles that help literally navigate our usually busy lives. A good place to start is with the tires that keep you safe on the road. Here are three checks to determine the health of your tires and whether it might be time to replace them:

Tread Check

Over time, the tread on your tires wears down due to the friction from contact with the road. Grooves on new tires are pronounced and deep and provide good traction so you can turn, brake, and maneuver safely. Here’s a technician trick you can use at home to check your treads. Use a penny and place it upside down on your tire so Lincoln’s head goes into the tread. If you can see all of the head, that means the tread is too shallow and won’t provide adequate grip on the road.

Drive Check: That leads us to the second check to see how your tires perform on the road. Balding tires, tires with worn tread are less responsive so you will feel less control over your vehicle. While you’re driving, if you find you can’t take turns as sharply, or it takes longer for your vehicle to come to a stop, these are signs of worn-out tires. The safety of your vehicle is really only as good as the tires.

Professional Check

If you think your tires display any of the signs of wear from either the Tread Check or the Drive Check, the next step is to bring your vehicle to a professional. At Car Doc, our highly trained technicians will go over your vehicle and discuss your concerns. Other problems we look out for are:

  • What We Check
  • Low Air Pressure
  • Scuffing Around the Circumference
  • Damage Outside of the Tread Area -Any Slices or Cuts -Damage that Exceeds ¼” Diameter -If the Tire Has Been Repaired Before

After a thorough check, we can discuss the best options for you. If you anticipate driving in less forgiving weather, which is entirely possible in Delmar, Delaware, a snow tire could provide the deeper treads and spikes to help keep you safe. Fuel efficiency is often at the forefront of drivers’ minds, and there are all-season tires designed to reduce fuel consumption in your vehicle. Whatever your needs, our technicians at Car Doc can answer any questions you have. Give us a call at (785) 842-8665 today.

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