Habits that are Harming Your Brakes

Brake Repair in Lawrence, Kansas

Bad Driving Habits that Will Ruin Your Brakes 

Most of us understand the rules of the road and follow safe driving habits. From obeying road signs to never tailgating, these behaviors keep us safe when we’re behind the wheel. But are your other driving habits damaging your brakes? 

From braking, while going downhill to riding your brakes, the brake repair experts at Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics in Lawrence, Kansas are here to break down common habits that are ruining your brakes.

Braking When Driving Downhill

You may feel the need to slow down when you’re driving downhill, but this habit can hurt your brakes. Applying pressure to your brake pedal for too long when driving down a hill can overheat the brake pads, causing them to lose power over time. Instead of using the brake, use a lower gear when driving downhill.

Slamming On Your Brakes

Suddenly slamming your foot against the brake pedal is never a good idea. This increases the chances of somebody rear-ending you and also destroys your brakes. Too much sudden pressure can damage the hose and cause a brake fluid leak. Always apply pressure slowly and gently to come to a safe stop.

Hauling Heavy Loads

Whether you’re pulling a trailer or have your car filled to the brim, carrying heavy loads will harm your brakes. All that extra weight requires a greater stopping force, taking a toll on your car’s braking system. Clear out the clutter from your car and don’t pull a heavy trailer if you don’t have to.

Riding the Brake Pedal 

Are you guilty of riding your brakes? While this habit may make you feel safe, it’s doing more harm than good. Riding the brake will boost heat and speed up the wear and tear process. 

Expert Brake Repair in Lawrence, Kansas

If you need brake repair because of bad driving habits, stop by Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics in Lawrence, Kansas today. Our auto repair technicians will quickly and efficiently fix your brakes to keep you safe and secure.

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