How Check Engine Lights Are Fixed

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Did you start your day with a visit from your vehicle’s check engine light? The light comes on, you take it to a shop for repairs, and then it’s gone. Have you ever thought about what happens in between? Here’s how Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics handles check engine lights in Lawrence, Kansas.

Engine Diagnostics

When a vehicle rolls into our shop with the check engine light illuminated, we apply advanced diagnostics to determine the cause. To us, there’s only one way to solve the problem, and that’s with the most accurate technology available in the industry. While other shops might play guess and check, we want to deliver effective repairs the first time. Diagnostic technology helps us read the trouble code behind the check engine light, essentially deciphering the warning message from your vehicle. The trouble code from the vehicle’s monitoring computer system will give the location of the trigger, telling our technicians where to investigate for further repairs.

Visual Inspection

If the trouble code tells us there’s a problem with a specific component, we go directly to that part to perform a visual inspection. We check for simple fixes, inspect for damage, and replace it if necessary to correct the issue. We’ll check associated parts within the system to make sure they weren’t affected by the damage too. That could save you from coming back in a short time period for the same repairs. Once we feel that we have confidently identified the area of concern, we consult with our customers, bringing you into the loop on your vehicle’s needs.


In most cases, a check engine light is triggered by a failed or malfunctioning component. Replacing a spark plug or oxygen sensor is quick and easy, and will get you back on the road in no time. More serious problems, like a failing catalytic converter, may take more involved repairs. Whatever the case, our team gets your approval to begin repairs and restore your vehicle’s reliability. We perform repairs with quality parts and offer a 2 year, 24,000 mile warranty insuring optimal performance and guaranteeing the quality of our work.

Does your vehicle need diagnostics or repair to resolve a check engine light? Let the experts at Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics in Lawrence, Kansas help!

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