Do You Need Wheel Realignment?

How to Tell When Your Car Has Bad Alignment

Your wheels go through a lot of wear and tear. Even normal driving conditions in Lawrence, Kansas, can affect your wheel alignment. But continuing to drive on misaligned wheels creates unusual wear patterns, which decrease the lifespan of your tires and can cause many additional problems. Improve the life of your tires today by getting a quality wheel aligning service at your trusted local auto repair shop — Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics.

What Is a Wheel Realignment?

Your vehicle has a range of tie rods and a suspension system designed to hold your wheels at specific angles. These angles are adjustable, and over time can be misadjusted unintentionally through typical driving habits. Once wheels are out of their ideal positions, they can create several issues with the safety of your vehicle and the longevity of components and systems.

Signs of Poor Wheel Alignment

When your vehicle feels like it’s pulling to one side or is unusually bumpy on a smooth road, it’s time to insect your wheel alignment. Driving with the wheels at improper angles cause these symptoms. A quick realignment service will restore your smooth ride and keep your wheels in the right spot.

Tire Wear

There are a few visual cues you can take to identify wheel misalignment. Check your wheels for any unusual wear patterns. With correctly aligned wheels, you should see relatively even wear. Misaligned wheels typically cause unevenly thin spots in the interior or exterior of your wheels. Don’t let alignment issues reduce the lifetime of your tires or reduce how well you can control your vehicle. Professional wheel alignment is a quick and easy service providing by quality auto repair shops.

Improve Your Drivability Today

Learn more about your wheel alignment and other routine maintenance needs by scheduling a service with a leading auto repair shop in Lawrence, Kansas. Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics is your premier repair shop. Whether you need to align your wheels or check any other issues with your vehicle, call on our team. We help you breathe easy with a 24-month and 24,000-mile warranty. We look forward to seeing you at our shop soon!

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